RANKTOP is a leading SEO agency where we create SEO strategies that maximise your website's potential and increase your company's visibility online. We organically attract traffic and customers to your website so that you can achieve your sales goals in the online market. Our SEO company will study your case personally and develop a strategy wholly customised to your company and your objectives. Our SEO agency comprises an experienced, technical and professional team specialising in turning businesses into online market leaders. Our technical and content team will optimise your website using carefully studied on-page SEO techniques, which, together with off-page SEO work, will ensure that your website appears at the top of search engines like Google. Web positioning is the best way to attract customers to your business in the online market in a lasting and stable way over time.

What we mean by SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It is the process of optimising a website concerning keywords that are the most common search terms related to your products or services. With the optimisation, your website is better positioned in the search results.

In this way, when a potential client searches for optimised keywords in search engines such as Google, your website should appear in the first search results.

Good SEO agency work puts your company ahead of others by becoming the focus of attention for consumers looking for the products and services you offer. This increases traffic to your website, transforming these visits into more sales and profit.

As an SEO agency, you can count on us to increase your brand's visibility and digital presence. Shall we get started?

Why hire an SEO agency

In today's market, at the same time, as the competition is getting stronger and stronger, it is also more difficult to differentiate oneself or make a niche among the large amount of information that exists in the online environment. Therefore, companies have decided to allocate part of their budget to all the actions involved in taking care of their presence in the online market, from content to web positioning or the management of their social networks. However, some of them waste time and money managing these aspects themselves instead of leaving it in the hands of an SEO agency or an SEO agency like ours.

You may think you have the capacity to manage your SEO strategy on your own. Nevertheless, when you don't let a professional SEO agency like RANKTOP advise you, in the end your company, website or brand loses positions or doesn't achieve its goals. Your competition will beat you, as other companies are betting on professional digital marketing services. Don't lose the race. Take the lead thanks to an SEO company like ours and its professional SEO strategies.

Boosting the success of your company's website with SEO is essential for all organisations. Your website is the first point of contact for new and existing customers while they are on the Internet. Today, most consumers rely on the Internet to gather information and purchase goods and services. That is why all businesses must have an online presence to be successful. However, with the continuous updates and improvements to search engine algorithms, SEO is best left to a specialised SEO agency. You will save on company resources and know that the best professionals take care of your SEO work 24 hours a day.

How do we work at our SEO agency?

  • Ongoing personal contact with a dedicated SEO consultant.
  • Personalised strategy. With real objectives.
  • Completely natural web positioning.
  • Private client area, with daily data updates.
  • No keyword limit.
  • No contracts or permanence.
  • Monthly reports of results.

What you will get with the services of our SEO agency

  • More traffic: as you gain more visibility and positioning thanks to the work of our SEO agency, you will start to see an increase in the number of visitors to your website.
  • More leads: our professionals will develop a strategy to target your products and services, most likely interested audience, resulting in more leads.
  • More revenue: the increase in web traffic and targeted leads makes it easier to convert those leads into paying customers or purchase conversions.
  • More brand awareness: your brand can become the benchmark your customers have overall competitors in your industry. The higher you rank in the search, the more your brand will be known and positioned in the potential consumer's mind as one of the industry benchmarks.
  • More business growth: increased web traffic, quality leads and brand awareness contribute to new growth opportunities for your business.
  • More trust and authority: when you reach the top of Google search results, you will be seen as an authority in your industry by both your customers and your competitors.

SEO agency with integrated onpage and offpage strategy

Onpage SEO

Onpage SEO encompasses all those improvements and optimisations that we make to your website to improve its positioning. Onpage SEO from our SEO agency will make search engines better understand your website's subject and content. Therefore, your website is a source of valuable information that people want to find when they search on Google.

This type of SEO includes keyword research to find the words that will rank your website the best when people search on Google. These words are then implemented in categories, titles, meta descriptions and metadata so that when Google's robots read your website, it knows what it is about and thus gains rankings.

Onpage SEO goes beyond keywords. Having a website that is easy for users to navigate is also important: if your visitors want additional information, but it is difficult for them to find it, they are unlikely to stay on your website to find out. Good web design is crucial. That's why at our SEO agency, we have technicians who improve your web design to make it more accessible and attractive to the user.

Also, all RANKTOP websites are responsive: they adapt perfectly to all formats without generating a loss of information, whether you view the website on a computer or a mobile device. Having a responsive website is another of the points that Google values positively when it comes to positioning your website. Thanks to our SEO agency, your website will have a good user experience on all devices.

Almost everything is included in onpage SEO because it is precisely one of the critical factors of the SEO strategy that we analyse and develop very carefully. Much of this optimisation is focused on the user, who is the one your website is trying to attract, so it is essential to get the onpage SEO right.

Our agency's onpage SEO strategy also includes optimising the HTML of your website. The code should also be optimised to tell search engines exactly what is on the page, making it easier for robots to find out what your page is about. Using the correct type of redirects is also SEO-related (if we have broken or 404 links, we will be penalised by Google). We also make sure the robots.txt file is up to date to help crawlers find the correct information faster

Offpage SEO 

Opposite to onpage SEO is offpage SEO, that is, all those actions that we can carry out outside our website to improve our positioning in search engines such as Google. At our SEO agency, we combine onpage SEO with an offpage SEO strategy to ensure that your website has an optimal and lasting positioning over time.

The most common offpage SEO strategy is to obtain links from other pages with authority that point to your website, a method known as linkbuilding. This method makes Google understand that your website also has authority, raising your search rankings. Getting links to your website helps attract visitors and shows Google that other people on the Internet value your content.

Our SEO agency introduces links to your website on high authority websites and blogs to carry out this offpage SEO strategy. We also carry out this strategy with scrupulous respect for Google's rules and without falling into 'black' techniques such as link farms, which in the long run will only penalise your website and your positioning.

Social networks are another way of doing off-page SEO and improving your positioning. If people share content and links to your website on Facebook, Twitter or other social networks, search engines interpret it as valuable content that will help other people find it. Having popular content on social media also generates much traffic and helps SEO, so our SEO agency also uses social media to improve your web and brand positioning.

Types of SEO: local, national and international

No matter the size of your company, no matter how small or big and well known it is, it always needs a good SEO. That is why RANKTOP is an SEO agency that offers different types of SEO adapted to the geographical size of your company, objectives and clients. SEO will not be the same for a restaurant that wants to position itself in a medium-sized city as it is for a shoe company that wants to sell in other European countries. Therefore, our digital marketing agency offers and develops local SEO, national SEO, and international SEO strategies.

Local SEO: What do you do when you want to find a restaurant or a car repair shop nearby? You Google it! Since approximately 46% of Google searches are local in nature, businesses worldwide are investing in local SEO strategies. Our SEO agency defines local SEO as a process to increase the search visibility of companies that provide services to their customers face-to-face. These could be companies with a physical location or service companies that operate in a specific geographic area. The key to local SEO is to localise it to a precise geographic area. Its function is to provide search results that are relevant to anyone based on their current location. Our SEO agency uses various techniques and tactics that improve your company's position in local search rankings. Local search rankings are achieved when a user includes local keywords in their search or when a search engine such as Google detects the location of your business from the user's device. Strategies such as an up-to-date Google My Business profile or positive customer reviews are essential for this.

National SEO positioning: national SEO aims to get customers from a specific country where the company is located. When your company operates in a whole country or your company's products and services are not limited to the company's physical location but are sold online to the entire area of a country, national SEO is the best strategy to gain customers in the online market. National SEO strategies use more general keywords to reach your audience. The problem with this is that the specific keywords are probably already used by companies similar to yours, and competition is often high. For this reason, the professionals at our SEO agency carry out a very detailed study of the keywords and your competition to increase your rankings and visibility at a national level, no matter how much competition there is.

International SEO: International SEO is the process of optimising your website so that search engines such as Google can quickly identify which countries your business is targeting. People who use other languages or live outside your home country can easily find you in searches. With international SEO, instead of optimising your website to attract traffic from your city or country, we optimise it for different countries and languages. Our SEO agency has a multilingual team with native speakers of different languages such as English or French to implement an SEO strategy in other languages. To do this, we have to carry out a series of tactics, from a detailed analysis of the keywords in other languages that users use to adapting your website and your URLs to other languages. Our team of SEO experts will take care of all this work and advise you on the best online internationalisation strategy for your company.

Digital marketing agency

RANKTOP is more than just an SEO agency. It is a comprehensive digital marketing agency in which we not only manage your web positioning, we also carry out SEM or Google Ads strategies and campaigns, quality content, social networks or develop the design of your website if it requires improvements or a change.

SEM: SEM is paid positioning. In short, we are paying Google through a system of bidding on keywords so that your website comes out first in searches. We are an SEO agency also specialised in SEM and Google Ads. Suppose you want to achieve immediate conversions without waiting for the SEO work to produce results. In that case, the SEM experts at our agency will implement an SEM strategy optimising the investment in Google to achieve the highest number of conversions at the lowest cost. In our agency, we combine SEO and SEM strategies, advising the client at all times on what will be most effective for their objectives, always with a view that organic, lasting and quality positioning, which is achieved with SEO work, must be the long-term objective.

Content marketing: we are an SEO agency that also develops content marketing at the highest level to provide any blog or website with quality content that helps position and attract the target audience's interest and helps to give prestige to the client's brand. The content marketing department will make sure that the public itself is interested in the brand's content. Our job is to offer valuable content that seduces and attracts potential clients beyond positioning your website. We want people to come to your website because they are interested in the content.

Social media management: the digital communication strategy of a company also includes other aspects such as social media. That is why RANKTOP offers a comprehensive or 360 service that consists of the professional management of social networks. Brands today must be in the social media environment. Our experts will not only manage it but also advise you on which networks are best for your company and will develop messages and advertising campaigns in networks that create a brand image in this environment and help with web positioning, branding, and most importantly, convert.

Web design: our SEO agency cannot miss the design and web development. We take care of both new pages and updated websites that need a current approach or landing page that you require for a campaign or promotion. The agency's developers and programmers develop a fully customised web design, adapted to the client's brand image and branding, always responsive and easy to use for the administrator as we use the most common CMS among companies such as WordPress for web and WooCommerce, or Prestashop for online shop design. In short, RANKTOP is not just an SEO agency or digital marketing agency. It is a comprehensive, practical and optimal experience for your company or brand to grow in the digital world with the help of a team of professionals who put all their skills at the client's service.


How to choose the best SEO agency?

Choosing the best SEO agency is an important decision that will influence your ROI. We know that. No matter what kind of business you have, we are your best partner in the digital environment. Our SEO company represents all the fundamental characteristics of a profit-generating SEO company. Among them are:

  • Experience: the digital environment is highly competitive and challenging. Those new to it can easily be overwhelmed by the obstacles and give up. It is appropriate to assume that experience is one of the most important factors to consider when hiring an SEO company. Our SEO agency is your best option. We are a team of experts. Each of us is a professional in their field. Together we create a dynamic and proactive team with experience in every detail of SEO. We are not new to the market, and we can boast an excellent track record of success stories. Don't take risks with your company's digital activity, and trust those who have succeeded in SEO before. Trust us.
  • Strategy: you can't do successful SEO without a good plan. At RANKTOP, we do exhaustive keyword research, segment your target audience, competition, market, etc. This allows us to develop a successful strategy that will make the research findings work perfectly with the most specific aspects of your business. We create our strategy to take advantage of all opportunities present at any given time while establishing core positions that will be stable and solid for the long term.
  • Honesty and safety in SEO practices:We will always be honest with you at our SEO services agency. All SEO techniques we use are governed by Google's quality standards. Such methods are often used in the industry but can lead to search engines banning your website completely. We only use fair SEO practices. This allows us to rank websites in a way that can bring you sustainable revenue over time. Our experience and know-how enables us to do this.
  • Wide range of services: the perfect SEO agency would take care of many more aspects than just SEO, like our team. We realise that the process of ranking a website and driving revenue from an online presence is much more complex. You have to take advantage of many opportunities if you want to maximise your ROI. That's why RANKTOP is your best option. We are experts in SEO, SEM, CONTENT MARKETING, SOCIAL NETWORK MANAGEMENT AND WEB DESIGN. Hire the services of a team of professionals to take care of every aspect of your online presence for you. Trust us, we've done it before
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