10 tips for writing advertisements on Google Ads

Without any doubt, if you have a web page and you want to become more visible you will need to invest – even a little – in advertisements that directly reach your potential customers. Google makes provides an ‘easy’ way with Google Adwords or Google Ads. Those are the ads that suddenly appear on the screen when surfing the Internet and which you may mistake for a banner of the website itself, but no, it is an Adwords ad. Want to know how to write attractive Google Ads advertisement? Take notes!

Having a web page is only the first step of benefiting from huge opportunities which the online network offers. If you have a company or even if you are a freelancer, you need a network to make yourself known. But of course, this will be hard for your website if you don’t work with the different available techniques to make your website be noticeable. What we refer to? There is a wide range of options available, one of those is Google Ads.

Even though we will tell you how write attractive and effective Google Ads, you should still keep in mind that if you have a website you must have a basic digital strategy. That means update social networks in a professional and constant way, write a blog to higher the image and SEO positioning, work on the content of your website with a quality SEO and of course, invest in these Google Ads which will help you find your buyer persona or potential customers.

The advantages of Google Ads are limitless. You can invest how you want and how much you can; choose the period that the ad is in circulation; promote a product or a specific URL (imagine it´s a star product or service for which you get your highest percentage of customers); you can be visible and more accessible to potential customers who perhaps did not know about your company´s existence; you can appear in searches and, ultimately, you can get those leads that (hopefully) soon become customers. Do you still doubt whether you should invest in Google Ads? Believe us: your competitors do it, you must do it yourself or you will run the risk that they will improve their positioning and their pie will be bigger and more appetizing than yours.

Tips for creating advertisements on Google Ads

  1. Keywords are the most important

Yes, if there is something that leads to the effectiveness of brands on the internet, it is keywords. Google´s algorithms will link those keywords with your potential customers so that it is obvious which keywords must appear in your ads. Both in the title and in the body of the ad. These keywords in the title help to maintain that high percentage of important relevance and the ones in the text are the ones that Google is going to take into account. For example, with tools such as Google Trends you will have an idea of whether a certain keyword has been searched in Google during a certain period, or according to the geographical location of the user…

  1. Get to the point, forget the unnecessary

There are advertisements in Google Ads that fail because of their lack of attractiveness, likewise: they are not relevant, they talk around in circles, they don’t care about the text, about the keywords… don’t just try to guess what to write. Advertising is an investment and it must be effective, so there is nothing better than writing advertisements on Google Ads that are useful and with attractive texts, which advertise what you really want to “sell”.

  1. Priority: generate leads

You have to grab the attention of your potential clients. According to different studies, words like GIFT and FREE immediately grab the attention. Get an e-book, discount code, free shipping. A detail that will make many users enter your ad and thus achieve your purpose: you have them in the pot!… or almost.

  1. Use the extensions of the Google Ads advertisements

One thing that needs to be clear is that the more (quality) information appears in the ad, the better. This can be achieved through extensions. There are all kinds of extensions: review -adding comments-; caption -highlighted text-; links to sites; call -to make the user call-; location -indicate a physical address…

  1. How to divide the word count

You must consider the number of characters that can be inserted in your advertisement on Google Ads and you should use the most out of it. How should you do this? 2 lines and 35 characters for every ad. Like this you should locate to the first lines the clear and impacting message. Followed by the other important but complimenting information that calls for attention.

  1. What you must avoid

Obviously, in your Google Ads ad you must also take into account what to avoid and what not to write under any circumstances. We are talking about spelling mistakes, abuse of capital letters, a language that is too informal and even foul, abbreviations, symbols or terms with little value such as “Click”.

  1. Adaptable advertisements

One important thing is that at this moment a big majority of your potential customers navigate through their smartphone and for many of them, your google Ad is adapted to their characteristics. Therefore, if you create and adaptive ad, you will save money. The advertisements from Google Ads are automatically adjusted according to the type of device, such as smartphones, tablets or computers. Thanks to this, these advertisements can fit in any published place possible.

  1. Publish the next with a quality image

A quality advertisement in Google Ads should have a clear and matching image that expresses the message you want to launch well and there is nothing better than a photo with a real and natural image. Avoid collages, text on top and consider these ideal measures: 16:9 and 1.91:1. Google said so, not us.

  1. Words that always work

We have mentioned it earli­er that it is crucial to write your words down in a post-it and know what terms to use. We are referring to special offers, coupons, promotional codes, discounts and bargains to “catch” that interesting lead we are looking for.

  1. Creativity rotation

What do we mean? Google Ads allows you to include several images and thanks to the optimized option will allow the search engine to choose automatically and more frequently the ad that will generate the best results. Perfect!

Now you know, before writing a text in Google Ads or Google Adwords review it very well, take into account these tips and learn what to put and what not to put to make this investment the most effective as possible. Good luck!

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