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Integrated SEO/PPC

We see PPC as supplement to a successful SEO strategy. That is why at RANKTOP we offer an integrated PPC service to clients who enjoy our SEO service. Both strategies are a perfect complement, providing us with additional data and information in each of them allowing us to achieve faster and more concrete growth

Local, national or international

We are specialized in any optimization of already existing campaigns, or the creation of new campaigns. This can be optimization of display, search, shopping or video. We have experts in different fields, local, national or international, who manage several languages.


The best ROI

Increasing the ROI of your Adwords campaigns and at the same time reducing its cost is the objective of any SEM expert. We create campaigns that can stick to this premise by always working with the clear goal of maximizing your profits with conversions that justify the investments made.

Experts in your sector

Each sector has its own special characteristics, and it is essential to know them in order to develop or optimize any Google Ads campaign. Our team has broad experience in creating campaigns in a wide variety of sectors, ensuring unique technical skills at the service provided to your company.


There are a lot of options to choose from. it is important to know which ones are right for your product or service and how to optimize them to the fullest. This task should be carried out by an agency like ours. PPC possibilities include:

Search box

A text advertisement which stands out in the first places of Google.


The photo and price of the product appear at the top of the search engine.

Mobile advertising

Advertisements for potential clients through the smartphone.

Advertisement display

The ads are shown in the media associated with Google Adwords.


The advertisement appears to anyone who has visited your website but did not make a conversion.

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      AGENCIA SEMOur SEM agency manages your campaigns in a way that generates profits. We do this through a strategic approach and ad/website optimisation that targets conversion. In addition, we offer SEO services that complement our SEM.

      SEM and SEO services (Servicios SEM y SEO)

      Our SEM is compatible with Search Engine Optimisation – SEO. We can manage both in a way that generates traffic and ROI. We focus on managing SEO and SEM together, to make sure they drive each other.

      SEM Research (Investigación SEM)

      As mentioned above, Google ads are PPC, so you want to convert EVERYONE who clicks on your ad. That’s why at RANKTOP we develop the SEM strategy based on in-depth research. This allows us to create ads that target the audience that is most likely to visit your ad and convert. This research is very complex and consists of elements such as:

      Target audience (Público objetivo)

      This is really important if we want to maximise ROI. As Google ads are PPC, we want to attract only visitors who will make a purchase. For this our professionals will carefully investigate factors such as:

      I). Customer demographics: who are your customers?

      – Age

      – Gender

      – Education

      – Marital status

      – Place of residence

      – Income

      – Ethnic origin

      – Occupation

      II). Customer pictography – What motivates them to buy?

      – Values

      – Lifestyle

      – Behaviour

      – Personality

      – Hobbies

      – Interests

      Observing your competition (Observar a tu competencia)

      Observing and analysing your competitors’ ads will allow us to assess your current market position and identify ways in which we can improve it. Both you and your rivals bid on certain keywords. They may convert better or attract more quality visitors. Our team will identify your strengths and weaknesses and exploit them.

      Developing the right keywords (Desarrollar las palabras clave adecuadas)

      When we know everything we need to know about our competitors and our target audience, we can start developing our tactical keywords. Good SEM keywords should have the following traits:

      • Not too high search volume (fierce competition)
      • Relevant to our target audience
      • Quality keywords (the ones that convert)
      • Adapted to the way our buyer personas perform searches
      • Relevant to the product offered (avoid clicks without purchase)

      As in SEM you can pay for the positioning of certain keywords, you have to target some short tail keywords and many long tail keywords.

      SEM positioning

      posicionamiento SEMThe SEM positioning of our agency aims to bring benefits. Therefore, we will carry out actions that will improve conversion rates and, in general, maximise profits while reducing costs. One way to do this is, obviously, by converting as many visitors as possible. The other is to reduce the cost of each visit. Google ads can be positioned for specific keywords, as can websites. As SEM generates paid traffic, the price of your CPC will depend on its position. Higher position = more visits and higher ROI.

      In Google Ads you can set a budget. After reaching it, your ad will not be shown anymore. However, it is worth knowing that the amount of clicks you can receive for a given budget can vary. Google still cares about your users, that’s why ads with a high quality score can be ranked higher by paying less. That’s why at RANKTOP we focus on improving the quality score of your ad. Your click cost is estimated based on this formula:

      Your price = AD Rank of the person below you / your quality score +0.01$.

      AD Rank = your maximum CPC bid x your quality score

      CPC bid= maximum amount of money you are willing to pay per click

      Quality Score = a 1-10 rating of the quality of your advert.

      Therefore, your cost-per-click price can be calculated as follows 

      (competitor’s maximum CPC bid x competitor’s quality score) / your quality score + $0.01.

      As you can see, improving the quality score of your ad is really important. It decreases your spendings, while increasing the spendings of competitors above you. Google estimates the quality score of ads based on keywords, landing page and ads.

      How do we improve the quality of Google ads? (¿Cómo mejoramos la calidad de los anuncios de Google?)


      Google defines quality keywords as keywords that are relevant to the search intent. Therefore, quality ads should contain the keyword you are bidding on. This will not only reduce the bounce rate, but also improve your quality score. Our agency will use quality keywords in the title, ads and landing page. We will also create separate landing pages with quality content for each product. This way we can fill each page with the most relevant keywords and increase your quality score. We can even implement your keyword in the URL to further increase your quality.

      Landing Page

      The landing page is extremely important for SEM. It improves the quality score and can significantly reduce the bounce rate. After all, it is where you will try to convert all your visitors. Therefore, reduce your costs in two different, but very effective ways. Our team will optimise and design your website in a way that indicates high quality for both Google and visitors. Some of the actions we take are

      – improve speed

      – improving the structure

      – improving the design

      – developing and pasting relevant and converting keywords

      – optimising the title and meta descriptions

      – optimise subtitles

      – reduce bounce rate


      We will make your ad attractive and relevant: paste quality keywords, good design and meta descriptions to increase clicks and reduce bounce rate.


      As SEM requires an investment, you may wonder if it’s worth it after all. The truth is that search marketing is risky. However, with professional support you can’t go wrong. We can manage your SEM and SEO to ensure you experience these SEM benefits:

      – High conversion rate

      – Instant results

      – Precise audience targeting

      – Budget control

      – Increased brand recognition

      – High return on investment

      – Stable revenue (SEM in the first stage, SEM and SEO in the long term)

      If you are still not convinced of the effectiveness of SEM, please note that according to studies, SEM generates an average return of $3 in actual revenue for every $1.60 spent on Google ads (powertraffick.com). Our company aims to exaggerate this average.

      SEM Campaigns

      Our agency can create, design and run a well researched and targeted SEM campaign. We work with an SEO mentality. This means that we will carry out your SEM strategy in a way that will benefit your website’s rankings. In addition, we will protect your ads. What does this mean? Your ads can be targeted by malicious bots or competitors. They can click on them and leave immediately, which will drain your budget. We’ll do everything we can to prevent this. How exactly? There are two ways that allow us to act quickly and deal with any threats. They are:

      • Finding suspicious IP addresses

      If we detect IP addresses that regularly visit your ads, but don’t take any action, there’s a good chance they’re click fraud. 

      • Analyse the performance of your ads

      Sudden spikes in traffic or spending will be carefully examined. Any changes in ad performance may be caused by click fraud.

      We will then gather evidence and send it to Google. We can also implement ad protection software such as ClickCease.

      What is SEM?

      SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. It is used to generate paid traffic to your website. SEM stands for all Google ads, which are commonly found on the web. Companies pay per click (PPC), which means that if no one enters the ad, it is completely free. However, for the same reason it is easy to lose money in SEM without professional support. After all, users may visit your ad, but decide that they are not going to make a purchase. You need optimised and positioned ads that reach your target audience and convert. You need RANKTOP.

      What can you expect from our SEM services?

      • SEM with an SEO “mindset
      • Experienced SEM team
      • Budget control
      • Monthly progress reports
      • Ongoing expert support
      • Higher conversion rate
      • Higher ad quality score
      • Reduced PPC costs
      • Instant revenue
      • Precise audience targeting
      • Attractive, well-optimised ads
      • Quality keywords that convert
      • Ad protection
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