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At RANKTOP we specialize in Search Engine Optimization. We have a professional team focused on different areas of online marketing, we work in harmony and with a specific purpose, namely SEO. Intensive specialization provides us with explicit dedication and specialized knowledge in what we do, with the primary goal of multiplying the income of your online business.
Differentiated work
We work with realistic and responsible standards, with the promise of always satisfying our client´s needs. SEO is no longer link-building. We recognize SEO as a constant on-page and off-page optimization which achieves the levels of quality that Google can offer in its web-results. At Ranktop we take care of it.
SEO Services
Being positioning with three, four or five will increase your visibility, but it will not achieve your company´s objectives in the medium to long term. We do not set limits on the keywords to be positioned. We understand positioning as something global, where the goal is to improve not only the position, but also the continuous growth of positioned keywords. More words, more visibility, more clients.
Tailored service
Every company has different requirements when it comes to its online presence. An attentive study of your company´s needs, objectives and competences will lead us to create a personalized strategy, which results in the best online exposure for your company. A proper, personalized and meticulous approach is key to the success of any SEO strategy.
Quality work and content
For both on-page and off-page optimization, content is the most important aspect. Who you are, what you do, what you offer, how you stand out… We attract customers in the correct way and we help Google to recognize why you should be on the first page of its search engine. Quality content and search engine positioning are closely linked now more than ever.
Close and personal treatment
Our services are characterized by working close with our clients. A SEO expert will constantly maintain close and direct contact with you. You will be constantly informed about the work carried out, the evolution and the progress of our SEO strategy. Good communication, for us, is essential.
Without permanent contracts
We believe that permanent contracts create obligations that do not have a positive impact on the trust-based relationship with our clients. For us the relationship is based your company´s progress and the mutual satisfaction of a job well done. We trust our work and that is why we offer our service without any kind of ties.

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Welcome to the world of SEO…

Local SEO

Dedicated to local companies who want to stand out in their city and province.

National SEO

Aimed at companies who offer products and services in the whole country.

International SEO

Perfect for expanding companies in international markets with multilingual needs.

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      SEO Services

      SEO Services


      Posicionamiento web RANKTOP
      At RANKTOP, SEO is our absolute speciality. It allows us to increase revenue, brand recognition and traffic to your website. All the actions within digital marketing carried out by our team of professionals ultimately lead us to reach the highest positions in search engine results (SERPs). We do this by using white hat SEO techniques and establishing ourselves in the highest positions, which benefits your business in the long run. Our main goal is to increase your ROI. We have nothing to hide, so we will explain precisely how we do it. Our experience allows us to be transparent.

      A strategic approach tailored to the client’s needs

      Our winning SEO strategies are so successful because we constantly tailor them specifically to our clients and the conditions in their industry. Let’s go into detail.

      Client: we communicate with you constantly throughout the process. We offer you our support and listen to your concerns. You can be sure that we will work closely with you during the positioning process, be honest, and support you. Our priorities are your requirements and your satisfaction.

      Business: our strategy is tailor-made to fit perfectly with your business. This way, we can utilise all your strengths most effectively. Every strategy developed by us is different, and you can be sure that yours will be original. Together we will unleash the full potential of your business.

      Competition: we carry out thorough research of your competition. We try to find opportunities for you to embrace and implement. In addition, we look at the best websites and web pages in your industry and identify the features that give them a dominant position. We then implement them on your website in an original way.

      Target audience: we focus on your target audience. We identify your Buyer Persona, which defines the profile most likely to convert on your website and creates tailored content for them. This way, we can drive a large amount of traffic towards conversion.

      Market and current situation: our strategies are designed to dominate the target market while keeping an eye on new trends and current conditions.

      Keywords: we develop keywords that convert. They target an audience that performs specific searches with the intention of making a purchase. In addition, we develop those that specifically address your target audience and those for which you can easily position yourself.

      SEO Positioning

      At RANKTOP, we take care of every aspect responsible for your search engine rankings. We focus on every single detail and make sure that they are optimised in a way that benefits your ranking as much as possible. The most essential elements of SEO are:

      • Content: we have a dedicated team of professional editors who produce the highest quality original content. They all have years of experience in the industry and write texts without grammatical errors. The content is designed to attract the target audience and acquire quality external links. Always original and plagiarism-free.
      • External links: We have extensive experience in acquiring external links. We achieve our goals through content creation, Guest Blogging and social media management. We have done this before.
      • CTR: click-through rate is a metric that indicates the ratio between the number of people who have seen your content and the number of users who have clicked on it. This affects SEO positioning. That’s why we develop landing pages and content that will allow you to keep users visiting your website as much as possible.
      • Meta titles and meta descriptions: we develop meta titles and meta descriptions, allowing your website to stand out in the SERPs and attract your audience.
      • Technical SEO: Technical SEO refers to the optimisation of your website in a way that allows search engine spiders to understand it and index it. We focus on optimisation that will pick up all the positive features to convince Google that you deserve the best position in the SERPs. In addition, improvements in loading speed and web architecture will benefit the user experience.
      • Traffic: the amount of traffic your website receives also influences its ranking. Everything we do aims to increase your website’s number of visits and conversions. In addition, we can manage your social networks to attract more traffic from social media links or simply thanks to the brand recognition we develop through digital marketing.
      • Keywords: We develop keywords that help you generate lots of traffic and convert it into sales. We understand how your target audience performs their searches, and we adapt to them. If your buyer personas use voice recognition searches, we can adapt to that; we have no problem communicating with them if they speak English. We have experts who are precisely specialised in keyword research and keyword development. This allows us to make an extremely effective execution strategy.

      We have professionals who are specialised in every aspect of SEO mentioned above. This allows us to focus 100% on all the elements and then merge them into a whole reflected in your positioning in the SERPs.

      Positioning in Google

      We are able to position your website at the top of Google. We have been working on this search engine for years and know very well how it works, which gives us an advantage over others. Google is the largest search engine in the world. In fact, it accounts for 91% of the entire industry audience. Google’s algorithm has changed many times, but we know that the three ranking factors in this search engine are: content, external links and the Rank Brain algorithm. The Rank Brain is an artificial intelligence subsystem that aims to understand user intent. It can display different results based on location or previously performed searches. To address this precise algorithm, we have developed several approaches that have proven to be effective on multiple occasions. Let’s take a look at them:

      • Local/ National/ International SEO: we optimise your website in a way that shows the Rank Brain what your target audience is based on geolocation. This allows the algorithm to present your content to many potential customers. If you have a LOCAL business, we will acquire local external links, optimise your Google MyBusiness profile and carry out search engine positioning for local keywords such as “XYZ near me” or “XYZ Valencia/ Barcelona”, On an international level, we will focus on translating appropriately and on the particularities of the foreign market. On a national level, we will make sure that we create content that responds to users’ searches on the internet.
      • Providing answers: after conducting in-depth research, our team knows your target audience and can develop an understanding of their pain points. This will allow us to create content aimed at providing solutions. In addition, we will create a FAQs section that will answer the most common questions from your target audience. This will also allow your website to be included in the featured snippets.
      • Flexibility of Google’s algorithm: Google’s ranking algorithm is updated regularly. At RANKTOP, as an SEO company, we are aware of this. We are familiar with all the news about this search engine and try to take advantage of new opportunities while focusing on the most crucial ranking factors.

      Long-term, sustainable search engine positioning

      We make sure that your website will rank well in the search engines and maintain this position in the long term. We constantly monitor the performance of your website, adapt the approach if necessary and communicate with you. We will provide you with monthly reports on our progress and the performance of your website. We know that our services PRODUCE BENEFITS FOR OUR CLIENTS, that’s why there are no long-term contracts. We believe that together we can establish long-lasting and mutually beneficial partnerships. SEO is an investment that pays off over time. It doesn’t happen instantly, but it will pay off for years to come if done well. If you require professional SEO services, contact us and see first-hand how we generate profits through your online presence.

      Web Positioning Company

      There are many factors to consider in digital marketing to build a successful strategy. We should not only focus on a single path, but we must also combine and outline several methods to achieve our goals, and one of the most profitable and successful, without a doubt, is SEO positioning.

      But, what is SEO? Positioning in search engines, specifically in Google, is nothing more and nothing less than applying various techniques or strategies to get Google (or any other search engine) to place your website in the first search results of users. Positioning in Google is the goal of any business, as it is the key to generating traffic that ultimately comes to conversion.

      SEO is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies to get potential and qualified customers in the medium and long term. Building a good system that contains successful strategies for positioning in Google is essential for any online business.

      Nowadays, Google is the leading resource for users to find out any information about the product or service they are looking for, which translates into an excellent opportunity to generate traffic to your website.

      SEO positioning, why is it so important?

      SEO positioning can also bring significant advantages for small businesses, as their main goal is to increase sales volume from their website. Logically, we must have a strategy designed to get users to enter our business website. Remember that this is the first step of all, so we must not forget that everything must be well set up and structured to achieve within our business website our goal: to convert.

      Web positioning ensures that all the work we do, from keeping our website updated and attractive to any decision aimed at sales or offline marketing, translates into generating traffic and achieving conversions.

      Suppose, thanks to a good web positioning, we manage to get our business website to appear in the first organic result on the first page of Google results. In that case, it will mean that we are hitting the nail on the head with our strategy. Obviously, it will indicate that the study of our keywords is correct, that the content of our website is of quality, that our target audience is finding us, and best of all, that we are being relevant to them.

      It is clear that for any business, whether online or offline, the most important thing is visibility, and not only that but to be visible to users who would be willing to trust our products or services. Translated to the digital sphere, SEO positioning is a great ally to be visible on Google. Knowing it, working on it and understanding it is the key to being visible (in a very profitable way) for our potential customers.

      Positioning in Google: How does it work?

      Some factors must be considered within a good web positioning strategy to achieve a clear objective and great results.

      It is essential to be visible to generate traffic to our website more efficiently. In users’ minds, the results that appear in the first search results are more relevant. They reflect a notable difference concerning the rest of the lower results. It is important to note that SEO positioning is medium and long term work. You will not see results immediately. However, if you dedicate enough time and resources to it, you will achieve results.

      It will also depend a lot on the type of business with which we are building our strategy. The fundamental pillars to start working on the web positioning of your business are the following:


      Keywords can be defined as the first contact with your SEO strategy. They are the equivalent of the key that Google gives the user to access your website. These keywords are usually related to your business or the type of service you offer, i.e. the user will search Google for information about what they need, or much better, how to get it.

      This is the most significant opportunity for any online business, why? Working on an SEO strategy will make you appear in the first results of Google, which translates into more opportunities for the user to start being interested in you. The first page of search results is undoubtedly the most important and valuable. It makes sense because when we search on Google, the first eight results are the ones we are most interested in. The keywords that we have chosen for our online strategy will be very well positioned when users search for the service we offer.

      To start developing our SEO positioning strategy, we will conduct a keyword study, which we will have obtained thanks to specific tools specialised in keyword analysis and positioning. We must rely on experts to develop a good SEO positioning strategy for our website, as it is constant, organised, dedicated and patient work. Just as we are concerned about positioning our business, the competition is also doing the same.

      We must not forget that Google is in charge, so we must be up to date and aware of any algorithm changes introduced by the search engine. It is Google who recognises that our keywords are about the content of our services or our articles.

      Keywords can be general or more specific, some are related to what the user is looking for, but they are very generic and do not specify what they specifically want. They can be part of a user’s first search. On the other hand, when the user searches for more specific keywords, he already knows what he is looking for. He already has an intention with those words.

      These more specific keywords belong to more detailed searches. They are ultimately a great opportunity to find a user making a purchase. They are the most prominent meeting point between a potential customer and your business.

      Google is the best teacher for web positioning. It is the one who gives you tools and who offers you the keywords you need for your strategy, it is your direct window to see how your competition is working, and most importantly, it is where the user is looking for you.


      Within the study of web positioning, relevance is the correspondence that must exist between the keywords that the user enters in Google to perform a search and the content of the web page that they have entered, thanks to these search results.

      The main objective of relevance is to connect your website with the keywords that the user is searching for in Google (and which, in turn, are the ones we are working on in our strategy). The more relevance we are working on for our online business, the closer we get to our potential customers and the more relevant we will be in Google searches. Nowadays, a higher number of visits to our website is only possible if we work on relevance with study and dedication. Without a doubt, it is the most profitable practice of all.

      Obviously, we must be aware of the optimisation of our business website, with the study of well-designed keywords so that the first door to the user will be through the generation of traffic thanks to SEO positioning.

      It is also about being relevant to our target audience. We must ensure that the visits to our business website are of quality. The audience must be interested in our content and will only do so if we are genuinely relevant to their needs. The user will only convert if they truly believe that their website is relevant to them.

      Quality content

      We should not only rely on technical aspects to create a good strategy. Google also rewards quality content within web positioning. Besides being well written, well cared for and contrasted, this content must be well structured with paragraphs, titles, subtitles, headings, sentences with coherence, etc. There must be no spelling mistakes, there must be correctly optimised links, words in bold and the images must be well chosen and of good quality.

      The best strategy: SEO and SEM

      Some people think that you should opt for one practice or the other within a successful digital marketing strategy. Either you focus on SEO, or you focus on SEM. However, thinking in this way is nothing more than a mistake because although their methodology is very different, they are designed and studied to combine them.

      It creates quality visits. The result of a user’s search can result in Google showing the answer to this question.

      On the other hand, an SEM strategy can provide the first impulse to become known and relevant to users. It does not require constant work or study like SEO, but it can be the first weapon we fight to be relevant in SEO.

      Combining SEO and SEM is the best way to build a good SEO strategy. Both help each other with the great objective they have in common: the user’s response.

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