Designed and developed web pages and online shops are ready for their main purpose: to attract and convert customers. All our designs are thought through and optimized with SEO in mind. We develop websites and online stores both fully optimized for search engine optimization. With a clear and organized structure for positioning. Without an important online visibility, you will not achieve your goals. We know that, and that’s why we help you from day one to make it happen.

High conversion

Our design philosophy is to develop websites and online stores strategically for brand image, SEO structure and high conversion aspects focus. We want your online platform to convert, generate and be a monetization tool for your business. We know how to do it and our developed projects always fulfill these promises.

Always on time

One of our fundamental pillars is the professionalism and seriousness with which we carry out at any project. We are aware of what is behind any business and we take responsibility for the achievement of your business goals in relation to the commitments that we made to you. Our designs and website developments are delivered completed within 30 to 40 days, never later.


Our team does not disappear once your website or shop is online. We provide continuous and constant monitoring to assess your satisfaction with the product and also the good technical performance and conversions of the website or store created by us. We design and develop your online platform with the aim of maximizing the profitability of your investment with the help of thought through design to make your business grow.


Tablets, smartphones and computers have different resolutions… it is essential to have a responsive design which adapts to each and every one of these options. Our designs are 100% responsive. No matter what format your potential customers use, your website will be available and perfectly adapted to any type of screen, thus improving the users browsing experience.

Unique designs

Each of our projects are started from scratch with constant feedback from our clients. The websites are unique, customized and developed according to the specific needs of each client. The idea is to create an exclusive design that defines your business line and gives value to your company in a unique way.


Our knowledge in every area of online marketing allows us to develop our client´s projects with a global vison. We recognize the future needs of your website to get the most out of it and we know which online marketing strategies you will need in the future. This experience allows us to create a website ready for any online marketing strategy you will want to apply in time: SEO, SEM, ROI, email marketing, social networks…

The best CMS

When we develop a project, it is always crucial to us that the client can manage products, articles or content in a simple and intuitive way. The CMS with which we work are commonly used internationally due to their high quality and simplicity. While developing websites we use WordPress as CMS, while our online stores are developed with Woocommerce and Prestashop.

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    Diseño web At RANKTOP we specialise in optimising the online presence of your business to produce profits. One of our services is web design. You might think that anyone can do this task. And that may be true, but we don’t just create websites. We develop and design a business tool that will allow you to generate profits. Through website design we take into account how search engines rank your website, how they optimise it technically and even details such as the subject matter that will affect conversions.  We are extremely serious about web design. Our approach speaks for itself:

    High-performance websites require time and expertise. We create only quality websites. The first step we take is to identify the objectives of our clients’ websites. In order to understand them, we try to provide answers to the following questions:

    • What is the purpose of the client’s website?
    • What kind of actions will users perform there?
    • What are the characteristics of the target audience, who are they?
    • What kind of impression does the client want to make? What would be the best way to convert a certain audience?
    • What kind of emotions do the websites have to produce in the users?
    • What is the client’s brand image?

    At the same time, we identify our clients’ target audiences. Our experts research the demographic and psychographic factors of our clients’ ideal target audience. This allows our team of professionals to develop and design websites that will be tailor-made, allowing them to achieve the highest rankings, traffic and profits. In any step forward we will keep this knowledge in mind.

    Web design


    Search engine optimisation is extremely important when it comes to increasing ROI. It allows websites to receive a more targeted audience. That is why we develop websites that are first and primarily optimised for SEO. From the very beginning, we do everything to ensure that your website will be positioned at the top of the search engine results pages. Our team is made up of experts who are specialised in different aspects of SEO optimisation. When it comes to web development, one of these aspects is really important. We are talking about Technical SEO. Our professionals trained in Technical SEO will optimise your website in a way that will ensure its correct functioning, both technically and in order to produce conversions. Some examples of the actions carried out by our experts are:

    • Identification of the domain of choice and canonical URLs: this improves seo positioning, allowing you to segment your audience.
    • Optimisation of the Robot.txt file: this tells search engines which pages on your website should be indexed, improves SEO positioning and allows you to reach your effective audience more effectively.
    • Optimisation and development of the website structure: the design makes it easier for users to navigate your website, allowing for easy conversions and improving the user experience and search engine ranking of your web pages.
    • JavaScript and CSS optimisation: improve SEO positioning.
    • Technical audit: investigates any type of problem and ensures correct technical performance, improving SEO positioning.
    • Broken link repair: improve the user experience and ensure they can convert.
    • Improved loading speed: improves user experience, SEO ranking and ensures users stay on your website.
    • Optimising mobile compatibility: ensures that your website is accessible and compatible for both mobile and desktop devices. It is a fundamental element that influences SEO positioning.

    All of this makes it possible to develop functional, device-friendly, well-positioned and high-performing websites. However, this is a far cry from what we can do to ensure your website drives revenue. Our web design team has extensive experience in creating high performance corporate websites as well as online shops. We use different approaches depending on the type of business.

    Diseño páginas web Online shops are particularly sensitive to web design. First of all, their structures are usually very deep and complicated. A product page can have different versions depending on its colour, size, etc. This can confuse search engines and negatively affect the SERP position of the online shop. Your online shop has to be attractive and trustworthy, as other users may end up bouncing away, thus reducing your ranking and revenue. Apart from that, your website has to be easy to navigate if you want users to easily find what they are looking for and make a transaction. Our team consists of experts who are specifically specialised in the development of online shops. They will optimise the structure of your website, allowing the flow of users to make conversions and design web pages that will push your audience to stay on your site.

    If you need a high-performance business website design that leads to conversion, RANKTOP can do it for you. In this case, the structure is important, but the design of the page and the emotions it provokes are also crucial. For this type of business, content is vital. Our team of professional web designers create content that reaches your target audience, improves brand image, SEO and conversions. All of this is enhanced by the website’s theme and design.

    Professional web design

    We develop and design websites that are business tools. They allow you to make profits through them. As mentioned above, to achieve this we optimise your website technically and make sure that it can be properly positioned. At the beginning, we have also mentioned a number of questions that we have to answer in order to design a high performance website. We are web design professionals, able to use these answers to develop customised websites to motivate your audience to make transactions. A few examples will help you understand what sets us apart from other companies. Let’s take a look.

    What are the specific objectives of the website?

    Not all websites that generate revenue do so directly from the website itself. Some conversion sites are purely marketing tools that encourage sales outside the digital world. We will use different designs for online shops and “marketing websites”. Online shops will use colours, graphic design and elements that encourage quick purchase and confidence. On the other hand, “marketing websites” will need design and elements that will make your customers dream of the perfect product.

    What kind of actions will users take there?

    Our web design team will design a website that motivates users to take the actions you are interested in. Some websites directly want a purchase to be made, while others want to engage with customers and enhance the brand image. Again, the graphic design, theme and colours will influence users’ emotions and their first impression of your website. This clearly influences the actions that take place there.

    Who is your target audience?

    The design of your website should be adapted to your target audience. You should use different styles if you are a B2B company or if you are an online shop. Our team will identify common characteristics with your target audience and design your website so that they are more likely to convert.

    What is the image you want to create?

    It should be the one that best converts your target audience. Some will need an impression of confidence and reassurance while in other cases they will need strength and professionalism or fun/creativity. At RANKTOP we are able to identify the most beneficial perspective and web design in a way that sends a clear message to the subconscious of your audience.

    What is your brand image?

    At RANKTOP we can implement features associated with your brand image into your web design. This will create strong subconscious associations with your brand and influence ROI.

    What can you expect from our web design agency?

    You can be sure that your website will meet these characteristics:

    • Free of technical problems
    • Able to reach the top positions in SERPs
    • Tailored to your business needs
    • Extremely efficient in attracting and converting your target audience
    • Unique and original
    • Adaptable to any device
    • Well structured
    • Easy to navigate
    • Impressive
    • Profitable
    • Professional

    In addition, we will be at your side to support you and carry out actions specifically aimed at achieving the best positions in the SERPs, such as content creation, digital marketing and general SEO. If you decide to place your trust in us, you will receive in return a professional, trustworthy service that offers you constant support. Together we can generate great revenue from your online presence – join us!

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