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International experience
Having international experience is crucial for expanding the presence of any website to other countries. In RANKTIOP we can count on it. Our team has experience in competitive markets such as the North American, British, French and many others. We are proud of our success stories.
Multilingual team
At RANKTOP we offer our SEO service in Spanish-speaking countries. We also carry out SEO in different languages, such as German, English, Italian and French. This is all supported by native professionals in these languages.
SEO Services
Advising is, without a doubt, one of the most important parts of our service. Through technical advising we agree with you on your real needs for a particular country, and we develop a customized strategy around them.
Covered needs
Do you want to expand your company internationally?
We are specialized in SEO. On top of the specific service, we also offer all the services that your company will need in order to achieve its online goals. Language and web adaption, optimization of the international domain, web migration, etc.

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Welcome to the world of SEO…

Local SEO

Dedicated to local companies who want to stand out in their city and province.

National SEO

Aimed at companies who offer products and services in the whole country.

International SEO

Perfect for expanding companies in international markets with multilingual needs.

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      Posicionamiento internacional SEODo you want to expand your business into a foreign market? Are you getting traffic from countries that you are not currently targeting? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you need international SEO. Without it, you are wasting your company’s potential and losing visibility on the web. However, you need a reliable and professional partner if you want to generate profits. The process of international SEO is complex and requires experience. You need RANKTOP. Our specialisation in International SEO is an essential factor that makes us stand out from the competition. Since this statement may not entirely convince you, we will tell you exactly how we work with International SEO.

      International SEO Positioning

      SEO positioning is essential for any type of business. It allows you to reach the highest positions in the SERPs (search engine results pages). This generates more traffic, which gradually increases your ROI. We develop International SEO strategies that will allow you to appear in one of the first results for your target audience abroad. In addition, we carry out on-page and off-page actions to improve your conversion rate.

      Tackling the biggest challenges of International SEO: research (Hacer frente a los mayores retos del SEO Internacional: investigación)

      Entering a foreign market can be challenging. At our agency, we develop and manage SEO strategies with the ability to tackle the biggest challenges of international SEO. If you ignore any of them, it becomes almost impossible to establish yourself in a new market and unleash the full potential of your business. That’s why our agency conducts thorough research into all these fundamental factors to use them to your advantage. Let’s take a look at them:

      Language (Idioma)

      It affects content, keywords, voice search optimisation, and how you communicate with your audience. Our agency is bilingual and consists of native speakers in different languages. However, we are willing to work with translators if the market includes a language we are not fluent in. This way, we can do searches for the keywords your target audience uses while they are looking for your products.

      Target audience (Público objetivo)

      Depending on the target market, the target audience may differ to a greater or lesser extent from the one you already know. You must consider the religious and cultural context, local customs, fashions, and many other aspects. This is vital for SEO because if we don’t understand your target audience, conversions will not happen. That’s why we do demographic (who they are) and psychographics (how they think) searches. This way, we can develop a strategy based on a thorough understanding of your audience. We are also aware that one country and one language may have several religious groups with different demographics and psychographics due to the influence of their cultures. In addition, we familiarise ourselves with local customs to avoid offending your target audience. For that reason, we try to understand the pain points and topics of interest to adapt our strategy accordingly.

      Competition (competencia)

      You have to face your local competition with a strong market position. That is why we analyse it carefully. We will look at your most important competitors and determine what has made them so successful in this particular sector. We will implement their strengths into your strategy in an original and improved way.

      Law (Ley)

      Another aspect to consider is the law. For example, some countries such as China have some form of widespread internet censorship, which may affect you depending on your business. We will research the legal aspects and develop a website that respects them.

      Search engines (Motores de búsqueda)

      Some markets use different search engines. Most of China’s market share belongs to Baidu. In Russia and post-Soviet states, Yandex is the most popular. Our agency can develop strategies that aim to show the algorithms of specific search engines so that your website ranks in the first results of the SERPs.

      How do you position a website in a foreign market? (¿Cómo se posiciona una web en un mercado extranjero?)

      After the research process, our agency can start using the data collected. The steps you are about to see are essential for SEO positioning. We can develop them in a way that addresses your target audience in a concrete way. Let’s take a look at them:

      Correctly identify the URL structure (Identificar correctamente la estructura de la URL)

      URL structures are like a signal that shows search engines where your website is registered and what language or localisation it focuses on. When it comes to International SEO, you can choose between:

      • ccTLDs (the most effective and expensive to maintain)
      • subdomains
      • subdirectories
      • gTLDs with language parameters

      We will consult with you on this matter and choose the option that best fits your budget and business objectives.

      Using Hreflang (Utilizar Hreflang)

      Our agency will manage your Hreflang, which is used to ask Google to display a specific page in a language that matches the locale of the IP address. It can also be used to indicate localisation if it is relevant to your page and your strategy.

      Creating content (Crear contenido)

      Our SEO experts create content that is relevant and engaging for your target audience. In fact, we have a dedicated, multilingual content creation department. Our professionals will create content that is clickable, shareable and converts.

      Develop quality keywords (Desarrollar palabras clave de calidad)

      We develop quality keywords used by your target audience, which will lead to conversions. They are not translated, but researched. This means that our agency looks for the keywords that your target audience uses. Being fluent in certain languages allows us to understand and attract your ideal clients.

      Ensure the comfort of your audience (Asegurarse del confort de tu público)

      With the exception of various actions such as the right language and content, we make sure that your local audience feels comfortable buying your products. We can optimise your website for local currency and position your local office or Google MyBusiness customer support centre profile. These aspects will make your audience trust your business.

      Acquiring local backlinks (Adquirir backlinks locales)

      This is one of the most important and complex steps needed to succeed with your International SEO. Our agency will need to acquire local backlinks as they are strong position and quality indicators that will influence your ranking. To achieve this, we will need to proactively search for backlinks. Get in touch with local bloggers, press, influencers, etc. Thanks to this and your quality content we will get local pages of high authority to link to your page.

      Social media management (Gestión de redes sociales)

      The type of social networks and the way people behave on them may be different from your home market. New target audiences may find certain topics more or less offensive or insensitive. We can manage your social media safely, analysing the best performing topics in your local sector.

      Web design (Diseño web)

      Your website needs to be technically optimised and attractive to your target audience. Our technical SEO department can develop and optimise your website in a way that ensures a better user experience and easier crawlability.

      International Positioning on Google

      We have already mentioned previously that different markets have different search engines. However, Google is used in most parts of the world. In most countries it has the dominant position. It accounts for almost 92% of the world market share of search engines. Baidu, a very popular search engine in China, a country with a huge population, accounts for less than 1.5%. As we can see, Google is used almost everywhere. Luckily for you, at RANKTOP we are specialised in Google search engine optimisation. We are aware of the actions we need to take to show Google which location you want to target. Our agency is able to attract a very specific target audience to your website. In addition, we can manage your Google MyBusiness profile and manage reviews. We are confident in our ability to position you in Google’s top results, whatever market you choose. After all, we are well aware of the 3 MOST IMPORTANT GOOGLE POSITIONING FACTORS: CONTENT, BACKLINKS AND RANKBRAIN. Our International SEO strategies, focused on Google, are optimised in a way that indicates that these 3 fundamental elements are of the highest quality and relevant to the user.

      What can you expect from our International SEO services? (¿Qué puede esperar de nuestros servicios de SEO Internacional?)

      • Solid positioning in foreign SERPs that can be sustained over the long term
      • Attract and convert your target audience
      • Linguistic accuracy
      • Tailored approach to your company, audience, language, search engine and market
      • Ongoing professional support
      • Website designed to convert your target audience
      • High authority local backlinks linking to your website
      • Top quality content
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