Dedicated community manager

You will have a dedicated community manager. This professional will be fully dedicated to your company’s social networks. With this service our mission is to help you transmit confidence and more importantly, to gain customer loyalty and create brand awareness through these networks.


Our dedicated social media and engagement strategy makes intelligent use of all the data and information available to us by identifying high-value audiences for the creation of content and campaigns on social networks. We adapt our strategy to any sector and scenario in both B2B and B2C.

Increased audience

The audience of your social network will gradually and naturally increase. The job of a good community manager is to generate publications that attract a wide range of users, including your company’s current customers and the potential customers you want to target. To do this it is essential to increase the reach and interactions in each of the publications. Something which we will achieve with a successful strategy and quality work.


Our team will create or redesign your company´s social profiles offering a unique and personalized image, responding to the image of your brand and its audience. All this includes descriptions and graphic elements carried out by our team of professionals. A brand image that will represent you perfectly and will boost your company generating lasting and solid relationships on social networks.

Evolution reports

In our private client area you will have a monthly report with the evolution of each of your social networks. You will always have the exact knowledge of its evolution, the work that is done and that is going to be done in the future. In addition, the professional assigned to your project will be in direct contact with you continuously and directly to comment on all processes and the progress.

Comprehensive management

The community manager will carry out the publication of content in each of your social networks on a regular basis. The community manager will be responsible for managing and monitoring all publications, both their own and those of companies in the sector, becoming the eyes and voice of your company on social networks. They will also interact with your users at the level and the approach determined by the social media strategy.


We execute campaigns on social networks. Depending on the sector, product or service we know which social network is better to focus on. We can develop the creation of Facebook Ads and Instagram campaigns (most demanded), followed by Twitter and Linkedin. We will create your campaigns´ design, content and optimize all the parameters so that you get the best return on your investment for this type of advertising.

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In addition to this, we also offer:



    A member of our team will contact you after analyzing your website


      A member of our team will contact you to discuss your project.

      Social media management

      Gestión de redes socialesIn today’s market, a social media presence is more of a necessity than an option for those who want to keep up with the competition. However, if social media is poorly managed, it can do more harm than good to your business. Fortunately, there is RANKTOP. We approach social media in a professional manner, seeing it as an opportunity that will lead to increased brand recognition and a higher ROI. Our agency has departments responsible for both social media management and content marketing. Our agency can ensure that you start to benefit from fully professional social media management. How do we know that? Our expertise and social media management techniques are simply too good to fail.

      If you decide to work with us, we will connect you with the community manager assigned to your project. These professionals are masters of their craft, having completed many successful projects and being able to adapt to each client. The community manager will keep in touch with you and develop our most powerful tool: the social media strategy.

      Social media advertising

      publicidad de redes socialesPeople are switching to social media. Every year less and less people watch TV and spend more time on platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. It is obvious that your ads should be present there. That is where your marketing should take place. At RANKTOP we are aware of this. Our agency can manage your social media marketing efforts in a way that will improve both your brand image and ROI.

      Social media advertising

      When it comes to social media advertising, you need to know how to use tools like Facebook or Instagram Ads. Use them in a way that allows you to increase your ROI. At RANKTOP, we know how to achieve this. We can manage, develop and distribute your social media ads in a way that makes you profit.

      Social media content marketing

      Our agency will create engaging marketing content and post it regularly on your social networks during the most active and beneficial time of the day on a given social network. This content is of high quality and allows followers to develop positive associations with your brand.

      Social media marketing campaign

      We can publish and distribute your marketing campaign through different social media channels. If you want our agency to create a customised marketing campaign for your company, we can do that too.

      What can you expect from our social media management services?

      • Dedicated community manager for your project
      • Monthly progress reports
      • Unique brand image on social media
      • Precise audience targeting
      • Highest quality content
      • 100% focus on the most beneficial platforms for your business
      • Engaging marketing campaigns
      • Management and development of facebook/ instagram /twitter/ linkedin ads
      • Proactive approach
      • Building a positive relationship between your brand and the customer
      • Increased RO(I)? En el wensite: Mayor RO

      Social media strategy

      Every strategy begins with in-depth research. We will conduct a detailed study of all the elements that present threats and opportunities for your company’s social media presence. Let’s take a look at them.

      Target audience

      The first step our team of professionals take is to identify and understand your target audience. After all, they are the main reason why your business should be on social media. The first thing we do is find answers to these questions:

      • For whom is my business offer most attractive? (age, gender, income, profession, marital status, location, etc.).
      • Who is most likely to convert?
      • What motivates my target audience to make a purchase?
      • What is the most popular social media platform for them?
      • What do they tend to do on this platform?
      • How does my strongest and most effective competitor attract my target audience?

      What kind of content do they like and share? 

      This allows us to start developing a strategy that targets your ideal follower. We know where to look for them, what type of content to post and how to convert your social media traffic.

      Your competition

      Our team will closely analyse your rivals to learn from their successes and mistakes. We will look for their posts that generate the most engagement and participation, we will try to implement them in our strategy while remaining original.

      Perfect platform

      We will identify your perfect social network. What does that mean? According to your company specifications, target audience and objectives, we will choose one or two social networks that we can focus on 100%. This approach is simply more beneficial as different platforms have different specifications. B2B companies generally benefit more from LinkedIn, while e-commerce shops get better results on Instagram or Facebook.

      Your social media image 

      Knowing the social media image you want to achieve is crucial. You may want to remain serious and professional, while others may want something more personal and engaging. Obviously, this should all depend on the specific characteristics of your business and target audience.

      Generating ROI on social media

      All these findings allow us to manage your social media in a way that will generate ROI. We are confident in our ability to do so. All thanks to our professional approach that has proven to be effective on multiple occasions. Let’s take a look at some key elements.

      Targeted content

      Our dedicated and professional team of editors will create content tailored to specific social networks, where your goal is to attract and convert very specific audiences. At our digital marketing agency we create quality content that brings value to your followers. In addition, we keep an eye on the latest trends and news in your industry to create and share clickable posts. In this way, your audience is encouraged to interact with it and share it with their friends of common interests. This broadens your target audience and increases brand awareness. Our goal is to turn your followers into loyal fans of your brand. Regularly published content of value can make your followers really look forward to your next post.

      Engage with your customers.

      At RANKTOP we realise that to be successful on social media, your brand must interact with customers. That’s why we create content that enables that. We can also manage your feedback and respond to customer comments. Gradually, we will perform various actions with the aim of building trust between your company and its followers.

      Proactive approach

      To reach a wide audience that converts, our social media experts use a proactive approach. We don’t wait for followers to find your business profile. We try to reach them instead. Two common examples of proactive approaches to social media are influencer marketing and “sweepstakes”. What are these approaches about? Let’s see:

      Influencer marketing

      This method is really effective. All that remains is to find an influencer relevant to your industry. This person has already gathered followers that represent your target audience. Simply hire them and they will post a photo/video of them using your product. As an incentive, you can offer them a discount code, which their followers can use to get a discount. You can offer that for every purchase made with their code, they receive a percentage. This will motivate them to create content that converts their followers. Keep in mind that people are more likely to buy a product used and recommended by their favourite influencer.


      We can use your social networks to organise raffles. What are they about? If your profile already has a target audience interested in your brand, we can post that we are willing to give away products from the shop. However, to participate in this giveaway and have a chance to win the free product, each participant must share it on their profile and tag 3 friends. This way, we can greatly increase brand recognition and reach more people, which represents a highly converted target audience.

      Brand image

      Our team will manage your social media in a way that will create a brand image that is likely to attract and convert your target audience.

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