Dedicated social media manager

You will have a dedicated social media manager. This professional will be fully dedicated to your company’s social networks. With this service our mission is to help you transmit confidence and more importantly, to gain customer loyalty and create brand awareness through the networks.


Our dedicated social media and engagement strategy makes intelligent use of all the data and information available to us by identifying high-value audiences for the creation of content and campaigns on social networks. We adapt our strategy to any sector and scenario in both B2B and B2C.

Increased audience

The audience of your social network will gradually and naturally increase. The job of a good social media manager is to generate publications that attract a wide range of users, including your company’s current customers and the potential customers you want to target. To do this it is essential to increase the reach and interactions in each of the publications. Something that we will achieve with a successful strategy and quality work.


Our team will create or redesign your company´s social profiles offering a unique and personalized image, responding to the image of your brand and its audience. All this includes descriptions and graphic elements carried out by our team of professionals. A brand image that will represent you perfectly and will boost your company generating lasting and solid relationships on social networks.

Evolution reports

In our private client area you will have a monthly report with the evolution of each of your social networks. You will always have the exact knowledge of its evolution, the work that is done and that is going to be done in the future. In addition, the professional assigned to your project will be in direct contact with you continuously and directly to comment on all processes and the progress.

Comprehensive management

The social media manager will carry out the publication of content in each of your social networks on a regular basis. The community manager will be responsible for managing and monitoring all publications, both their own and those of companies in the sector, becoming the eyes and voice of your company on social networks. They will also interact with your users at the level and the approach determined by the social media strategy.


We execute campaigns on social networks. Depending on the sector, product or service we know which social network is more advisable to focus on. We can develop the creation of Facebook Ads and Instagram campaigns (most demanded), followed by Twitter and Linkedin. We will create your campaigns´ design, content and optimize all the parameters so that you get the best return on your investment for this type of advertising.

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